Lukinovich Law: Estate Planning and Wealth Preparation

Tax, Wealth Preservation and Estate Planning for Individuals

We discuss with our clients, and help them to address their concerns about retaining control over gifted assets. We explain how trusts, family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and other sophisticated techniques can be used to manage family assets (including management in case of future disability), to protect family assets from creditors, and to retain control over gifted assets while minimizing income, gift and estate taxes. We assist our clients in choosing the best methods of asset management according to their individual circumstances and goals.

We assist our clients in pre-nuptial planning, in planning for retirement, in handling their retirement plans and IRAs, in considering educational savings plans for younger generation family members, and in determining their life insurance needs. We advise our clients about different methods to make advance plans for management of their assets during a possible period of future disability, including the use of durable powers of attorney, “springing” contingent powers of attorney, revocable “living” trusts, and family limited partnerships and limited liability companies.

We offer clients sophisticated and cost-effective techniques for the protection of their assets. We thus enable our clients to better manage future risks against lawsuits and to mitigate present and future income and estate tax liability.

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